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Welcome to the Atlantic Corridor

Sharing knowledge, fostering prosperity

Atlantic Corridor is a local development company based in the Midlands region of Ireland which was established in the year 2000 to promote activities that will improve the social and economic well-being of Midlands’ people, accelerate the growth and sustainability of local businesses and optimise regional provision and participation in the highest quality education. We provide a forum where people and organisations work collaboratively; sharing experiences and striving to find solutions to collective regional issues.

Atlantic Corridor is committed to acting independently as a catalyst in co-ordinating and encouraging collaboration amongst key stakeholders and we are keen to ensure that all working partners understand the importance and relevance of the activities which we currently manage and deliver. We have a significant role in creating and delivering strategic international links, signature projects and high impact events. These projects are appropriate to the specific needs of the region and focus on actionable, measurable outcomes.

Atlantic Corridor values international connections and the vital role they play in the delivery of its work, implementing part of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ role in fostering international links to further the Government’s objectives.  We will continue to lever existing connections in North America and Canada to create opportunities for enterprises, entrepreneurs and educational institutions to draw in expertise and insight and we will continue to work towards a desire key regional goal where the Midlands becomes a more attractive base for technologically focused projects, providing jobs and economic development and increasing STEM literacy amongst the population here.

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